Turn back

September 15, 2019
We all make mistakes but Jesus invites us to turn back to Himself and receive grace.

Freedom in Jesus

September 17, 2017
Bible Text: Romans 8:1-17 | Preacher: Pastor Edward Charlton | Series: Confused I believe that freedom is a gift from Jesus that we have because of Jesus' love for us is however, we struggle with freedom, whether we are really free and what to do with that freedom.
Bible Text: Hosea 1:1-7, 2:14-23 | Preacher: Pastor Edward Charlton God wants to be in relationship with Him but too often we run away from Him.  Hosea is a book of the Bible that demonstrates our relationship to God and how God continues to invite us back to Him.
Bible Text: Proverbs 11:1-20 | Preacher: Pastor Edward Charlton | Series: The Unseen Battle Just because I say I am good does not make me righteous in the eyes of God.  Righteousness is more than just being good, and it is something that we cannot achieve without Jesus, no matter how hard we try.
Bible Text: Isaiah 52:7, Ephesians 6:10-18 | Preacher: Pastor Edward Charlton | Series: The Unseen Battle We sometimes forget what the Gospel is all about and how Jesus has gone through many of the struggles that we too face and has over come them.  He is the one who comes and gives us value He is not looking to see what we have to offer.  We listened to part of Chuck Colson's testimony that he gave at Columbia University, and to the Landry Jones' testimony found on the website Iamsecond.com .
Bible Text: Psalm 133, John 19:14-30 | Preacher: Pastor Edward Charlton | Series: The Psalms of Ascent The contrast between harmony and the chaos the sin has caused.