The Church for here and now

September 29, 2019
If you are part of a church, you are part of the most important group of people that is connected with people through out time.  But what does it mean…
Bible Text: Jeremiah 29:4-14 | Preacher: Pastor Edward Charlton | Series: Community Building Jeremiah encourages the exiles to live and prosper in the community that God has placed them in, but to also help the community to prosper also.
Bible Text: Matthew 10:1-8, John 9:18-39 | Preacher: Pastor Ed Charlton | Series: What is the Gospel Most of us desire community, whether it is in our family, in a group of friends, at work, on a team, or with people around us.  Community is important and it is Biblical, whether from the beginning of the Bible or from the end, there is community.

Working Together

August 23, 2015
Bible Text: Romans 16:1-16, 3 John | Preacher: Pastor Ed Charlton | Series: Together Each person has a place and a purpose in God's plan, we need to be open to being part of God's plan and be willing to use the gifts that you have been given.  Paul recognizes many people and their work, their integrity, and their faith.

Living in the Good News

January 25, 2015
Bible Text: Mark 1:14-20 | Preacher: Pastor Jesus calls us not just to live our lives as we want but to allow our lives to be transformed by the good news that He brings and calls us into.