Everyday Peace

December 9, 2018
Advent is a time of preparation fro the coming of Jesus, but it is also a time of realization of the brokenness and the needs of this world for a…
Bible Text: Psalm 103:1-11, Luke 5:12-26 | Preacher: Pastor Edward Charlton | Series: Mapping it out We too often use the gospel incorrectly and miss the opportunity to show the fullness of Jesus' love.
Bible Text: Matthew 8:5-15, John 9:1-7 | Preacher: Pastor Ed Charlton | Series: What is the Gospel Sometimes the healing that we need is a physical healing that is completely unrelated to what we have done, and other times we need a healing that is related to our sins. Jesus brings healing and forgiveness into both situations.

Healing and Life

June 28, 2015
Bible Text: Mark 5:21-43 | Preacher: Pastor Ed Charlton This passage from Mark describes how Jesus does not give up on young or old even when others have, or have taken advantage of them.

It is finished

April 3, 2015
Bible Text: John 19:17-42 | Preacher: Pastor Ed Charlton These three words mean so much more when Jesus says them and they have an eternal significance.