Waiting on the Lord

October 6, 2019
Do you make space to wait for the Lord when life is good, what about when life is tough?

The Church for here and now

September 29, 2019
If you are part of a church, you are part of the most important group of people that is connected with people through out time. ┬áBut what does it mean…

God is for His people

September 22, 2019
Too often when we read the Old Testament, we hear the words tell us about a god who is judgmental and angry yet we miss the deep love that He…

Turn back

September 15, 2019
We all make mistakes but Jesus invites us to turn back to Himself and receive grace.
Looking at our lives, the church and the world around us, we are told what is important. However, sometimes our priorities get mixed up. Join us as we look at…