St. Andrew’s in Gordonville has been a congregation since 1878. Prior to this, Presbyterians met together at different people’s homes and even at an old log church in Petherton.  In 1870, a Sunday School was started and there is report that the first Communion took place in 1875 in the new barn of George Murdock.

Land was purchase on July 5, 1886, and a building was later erected.  The first meeting was on August 28th, 1887.  By 1908 this building became too small and was replaced by the current red brick building.

In 1887, Rev. Thom who was ministering to St. Andrew’s in Arthur, over saw student ministers in Gordonville.  In 1889 an agreement was made that Arthur and Gordonville would be a two point charge, an agreement that is still in effect today.

Over the years it has seen the surrounding area change but the congregation has remained faithful to our Lord Jesus.