What do you have to lose?

In my limited experience in ministry and life in general, how we look at what we have will dictate how we live. Do we see what we have as something that we have earned or something that we have been blessed with. When it is all because of us and our hard work, we might think that it is just for ourselves and we have to protect it. At times we even try to protect the blessing that we have been given. But what would happen if we see what we have been given as a blessing and be willing to share it. Not to abuse the blessing but to recognize that the blessing is a gift from the giver, a gift from God.

It seems that when we focus too much on the blessing we forget how much God can give. Why do we put our limited ability on to God’s profound providence? Is our trust in God so thin that we don’t think that God will continue to bless us or be able to continue to bless us.

Sometimes we as the church, act the same way. When we have something to lose we are afraid to lose it. But like the love that God has given to us through Jesus, the more we share it the bigger it grows. We see this through the struggles of the early church as they were trying to decipher what it meant to be followers of Christ and who could be followers of Jesus. We see it today when people are afraid to act or speak because they are afraid of losing, whether it is respect, influence, money, or any other item that we might value. \

God’s blessings haven’t stopped coming, why do we think they should?

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