Death and new life

As we enter the month of June, I will be winding down my ministry in Arthur as my family and I transition to Winchester, Chesterville, and Morewood. I will be continuing these devotions through most of June and will be taking time off in July and possibly for August. I will resume on my personal Facebook page after that.

I have just started reading a book called, “In Dying we are born” by Rev. Dr. Peter Bush. In the next few weeks what we will be going through is a time of remembering and a time of grieving to an extent. This will be an ending but like many endings there is a new beginning. It has happened before and I am sure that it will happen again. It is a strange concept in our society to think about dying, yet we are Christians and part our faith is based on Jesus dying and His resurrection. Death is part of our faith because we have the reassurance that from death there is new life.

This truth applies to us individually and for the wider community. Jesus invites us to follow Him which means that our lives change whether we like it or not. It means that Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow but we will not be. It means that we will see amazing blessing filling up our lives. We don’t always get to hold on to those blessings for as long as we would like but we aren’t meant to hold onto the blessing, we are meant to hold onto Jesus. What those blessings will look like I don’t know exactly but I do know that Jesus if faithful. I have experienced His faithfulness in many different ways as have many of you. Trust in Jesus and live in the fullness of new life.

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