Dealing with our world

The world that we live in, with all of its advances and comforts, is tough.  Whether you are trying to just survive from one day to the next, or are trying to forge a new path in a new direction there are difficulties and worries.  Some of the worries that we face are health problems, work problems, worrying about kids and their futures, worrying about the environment, hearing about violence, hate, destruction, rape, and war or the threat of war.  One of the biggest questions that people ask is if all of this is going on where is God?  or since all this is going on isn’t this proof that there isn’t a God?

The Bible talks about all of this.  God says that all of this is going to happen.  It is troubling that so many people forget that God said all of this would happen, and yes God is allowing it to happen.  God doesn’t want all of this “bad” stuff to happen but in many cases God is stepping back and allowing us to have what we really want, a world without God.  We sometimes forget that God loves us and we get mad at God and tell us to leave us alone.  Well if God is the God of love, of life, of grace, of hope, of peace, and we ask Him to leave us alone, what do we expect to have left in our lives.  When we don’t have enough time for God and don’t show our families, and the people in our lives the importance of having enough time for God, we are taking away from them the God who tells us what will happen without Him, and we are taking away the God who has come, is coming, and will come again in and through Jesus and His Holy Spirit.  God enters into the darkness and the worry of this world to remind us of His eternal love, grace, hope, and forgiveness. He shines in the darkness of this tough world and invites us to be transformed and to help others experience the Holy Love of God.

Yes this life is tough, Jesus told us it would be, we will face many different struggles and trials, but we do not have to accept the invitation of the darkness and sin of this world but we can grasp onto and cling to Jesus who brings us the life, love, grace, and hope of God, strengthening us and renewing us.  Will you invite Jesus in or ask/tell Him to leave you alone?