I don’t think that I have ever consciously noticed the relationship between patience and hope.  Sometimes what we hope for, we get right away.  Whether we were prompted to hope by someone who was about to give us something, not that we really thought about wanting it before, and then gave it to us.  However, most times that we are hoping, we don’t get what we want right away.  Now we could be impatient and cause ourselves and those around us more and more stress and anxiety.  This time of year whether you are driving through a snow storm or braving crowded stores looking for that perfect gift you could be impatient.  If you choose to be impatient, you may teach those around you strange hand gestures, or strange sounding words followed by wrinkled up facial expressions (strangely enough there is a whole industry to stop wrinkles and it has very little ties to stopping impatience) and people may want to stop being around you.

However patience is tied to the journey of hope.  Without hope, do we have a reason to be patient.  Instead of choosing the impatient actions that seem so easy to choose, we choose to be patient, we are showing love to those around us and seeing value in the journey that we are facing.  Patience shows that you have hope, whether it is for a person or a situation (this then helps other people to hope).  When we are being patient, we are also being loving and showing our faithfulness.  Paul rights in 1 Corinthians 13:13 that faith, hope, and love will last forever, will you live these three out in your life, practising the fine art of patience like Jesus is being patient with you?