838455_60490256Whether we are at school or at work, most of us learn better after seeing or hearing an example.  Jesus knew this fact.  He would tell stories to the people around Him to give an example of what He meant.  Jesus also demonstrated what it meant to have a life giving relationship with God, but also with each other.  His life is an example and so much more than just an example, but whom have you learnt from?  Who has been your example?  What kind of an example are you being?  As a parent, I try to be conscious of the example I am being to my children and as a pastor, I am also trying to be an example of God’s love and grace, but how do you know that it is working? What do you see coming back at you from the people around you?  I have heard it over and over again, the question “where did you get that from?” When I see that in my kids I can usually trace it back, sometimes it is from my example.  Most times we recognize the things that we would rather they not.  The question that comes up though is are you intentionally modeling your faith for your children and even your friends and family.  This isn’t to make yourself look better but so that people can see the difference Jesus is making in your life.  I have heard grown children remember seeing their father or mother praying, or reading their Bible.  Do you take the time to do that alone as well as with your family?  When there is a problem do you take time to pray?  When you are happy do you take time to thank God?  Can people see you walking with God throughout your day or is it only at set times in the day or of the week? One criticism I have heard is that people are different on Sunday than they are the rest of the week.  Being a follower of Jesus is not just something you do when it is convenient, it is a lifestyle, a choice for life.  Are you living by Jesus’ rhythm or by someone else’s rhythm that is leading away from the life giving love of Jesus.  Jesus said to his disciple’s “Come and follow me.”  Are you?  Are you showing others how to follow, with your words and your actions, and your time?  Do you need someone to show you how to follow so you can be a better example of who Jesus is?