The storms we face

Each of us will face different storms in our lives.  I haven’t met one person who hasn’t had a problem or hasn’t been stressed about something.  However I have met people who when these storms hit, they have a different kind of peace about them.  The peace does not make them oblivious, it actually makes them more aware.  These people still feel the pain of whatever has happened but they also find Jesus in the storm and know that they will be okay.  They won’t be the same, it won’t be like the event didn’t happen, but they know that Jesus will get them through.  They aren’t disillusioned to the reality around them and are going to be in for a big wake up call and their whole world is going to fall apart, the faith that they have prepares them for the long haul and the mountains and deep valleys and the ability to live in the storm, to breath and go on, and to see beyond what is immediately before them.  This is an example of a deep trust in God, that hasn’t failed them.

What storms are you going through right now and what help do you need?